Scrapes & Gravel: A Lesson in Culture

Posted by Mia Wright on

We're stirring a new tide over at Scrapes & Gravel, an inside look to the building of the culture behind the brand.  Scrapes & Gravel was launched February 13, 2014 with a vision to create a lifestyle brand that not only redefines casual menswear, but also organically represents its Los Angeles roots and inspiration.  

In a world full of gimmicks and payola, we stayed true to our pact to connect Scrapes & Gravel with its authentic consumers, the individuals of our copy and paste society that don't buy into mass marketing, but seeks out a brand that represents them as a unique person.  Scrapes & Gravel is that brand for many and we thank our "Scrapes Family" for the continuous love.  

Let's throw it back to the kick-off, the scene is Hollywood Hills, Scrapes & Gravel Launch Party, attended by many Scrapes & Gravel Lifestyle Ambassadors, Friends, and Culture Trendsetters alike.  Enjoy.